"Celebrate The History, Stay Focused On The Future"
The Movie

Video Highlights

We’ve documented the best viral footage to showcase the unique talents of DJ Young Mase.  There isn’t one genre that can classify his ability to main stage any crowd.  A pure student of the changing media formats, Mase has presented some of his classic footage gathered over the years.  Documentaries, interviews, music videos and more.  Enjoy!

Creating Your Own Lane!

We’ve had time to learn what works and what doesn’t. Fans deserve to see your creative peaks and the motivation behind it. You’re responsible for your dreams, they just want to see you make it come true!

DJ Young Mase

The Urban Documents

Most notable for his classic exclusive Shady Records tour footage Mase has evolved as an incredible song producer and talent relations scout.  The  “Mixtape Legend” from Detroit, has hidden gems and classic footage that will amaze you.  Check out his most demanding and creative urban music video’s, interviews and more.

On Demand

& Hidden Gems

Check out some of Mase’s most popular urban music videos and behind the scenes documentaries!